What is most important in the learning process?

Think of a course that you enjoyed when you were in school. What made it so unique? Did the teacher impress you with something special? Or was it the subject which made you pay attention and always remember that course? The learning process doesn’t come easy to anyone. There are many elements which make the learning process seem easier. For example, your motivation can help you learn things faster. On the other hand, your teacher’s capacity to identify and use the right stimulus can also be an important factor. But, what is the most important element in the learning process? Keep reading this article and you will find out.

What is most important in the learning process?

  • Great teachers

An efficient learning process has two elements. On one hand, there is the student who needs motivation and passion for the subject. On the other hand, the teacher who should be motivated and open to share his knowledge with the students. When the student doesn’t find any motivation and has difficulties in learning, the teacher is the one who can help him discover the subject and start loving it. This is why the teacher is one of the most important elements in the learning process. An amazing teacher is the one who loves the subject he teaches. Their behavior and teaching ethics should inspire his students and make them curious to learn more. Furthermore, thanks to teachers, the learning process becomes easier and more efficient.

  • Incredible storytelling skills

It is not to have a teacher who knows everything about the topic. A teacher who is motivated and loves working with his students will also put many efforts into improving his teaching skills. Another important element in the learning process is great storytelling. It makes education engaging and helps students attend classes with great pleasure. When a teacher doesn’t possess storytelling skills, the students will feel forced to learn that subject and will look for alternatives to skip the class. Therefore, a teacher should know his students’ personality and think of ways to make his class appealing to them. His storytelling strategy should focus on making them curious and keep them engaged from beginning to end. Also for education there are many different learning styles you can read about them in learning styles essay.

  • Reinforcement

A successful learning process should also include reinforcement. When a student enrolls to a class he feels the need to know if he is on the right track or he should do something more to improve his skills. Again, the teacher is the key element in this phase. In face-to-face training, the teacher can initiate discussions and encourage students to ask questions and interact with him. This is a great opportunity to reinforce learning and help the students adjust their studying efforts. On the other hand, if you are attending an online course, then your teachers can provide reinforcement through feedback. Feedback is necessary for both positive and negative answers. It will help students become confident in their strengths and find the motivation to attend classes.


The teacher is in the center of any learning process. Thanks to him, a student can love a subject or not. Even though the student doesn’t like the subject or finds it too difficult, he can change his attitude thanks to the teacher’s ability to keep the students engaged and discover the beauty of the subject they are teaching. So, the teacher is the most important element in any learning process.