Ongoing acting workshops:


We are proud to offer on-going classes for beginning and advanced actors. The acting class meets once per week. Classes are taught by award-winning actor and director David Fofi. This class covers all of the elements of the actor’s craft:


  • Technique
  • Character Development
  • Script Analysis
  • Scene Study


As David teaches each element of the actor’s craft, you will immediately put it into action in order to see the practical application of the concept at work. You will develop the ultimate actor’s toolbox that you will be able to draw from when you are developing a character for a play or film. This is a very practical class that will yield extraordinary results, and one that you can return to again and again to further deepen your craft.


Playwriting Course:


Instructor: B. Mark Seabrooks


I’m honored to be of service to the Men and Women who have put so much on the line.  Writers of all experience levels are welcomed in the Writer’s Lab.    The lab convenes once a week on Mondays @ 7pm.  We discuss and explore such aspects of the writing craft as:


  • Drama as defined by Aristotle’s The Poetics.
  • The Fundamentals of Story & the Art of Storytelling.
  • Hearing Prose & Verse in Dialogue.
  • Creating the Monologue.
  • Writer’s Workout:  Exercises to Strengthen the Writer’s Muscle.


The Writer’s Lab will focus primarily on creative writing: naturalistic prose, and free form verse.  The final goal of the lab is the creation of a collaborative performance piece to be showcased by The VetStage Foundation.